The economy is affecting all aspects of our lives, including cancer treatment. surveyed 500 breast cancer patients and survivors and found:

• 67% are concerned about how the economy will impact their breast cancer treatment or management.
• Among those who have finished treatment, 65% indicated that they’re concerned about how the economy might impact breast cancer management.

• 12% have had to alter their treatment plan because of a change in their financial situation or increasing costs: They have:

• Had to change s treatment plan. For example, they had to choose a shorter duration of treatment, select a less expensive treatment, or change a treatment location.
• Sought help from an assistance program, such as Medicaid or Medicare.
• Had to forgo treating another health condition in order to pay for breast cancer treatment.
• Have had to postpone treatment.
For a more analysis, insight, and suggestions for help, read’s Breast Cancer Treatment and the Economy

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