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Oprah's Article on Triple Negative

O, the Oprah Magazine, ran an article on triple negative breast cancer a while back:

The Breast Cancer Nobody Is Talking About
By Mary A. Fischer
One virulent, fast-acting type of breast cancer attacks 

more than twice as many young black women as all other women.

In May 2006, as she was getting dressed for work, Lori Booker felt a small lump in her left breast. Only 32, she was concerned but thought it was probably just a cyst and made an appointment to see her gynecologist. With a demanding job as a computer teacher at a Chicago public high school, Lori missed a couple of appointments, and two months later, when she finally had her first mammogram, the lump had doubled in size. A biopsy came back with grim results: She had aggressive, advanced-stage breast cancer. Crying, Lori thought the lab must have made a mistake. “I’m too young for this,” she sobbed. more.
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