recently conducted a survey of its members about how and when their breast cancer was discovered. Mammograms detected breast cancer in 74 percent of respondents; 52 percent were diagnosed under age 50. The survey was motivated by the new breast cancer guidelines presented last week by the US Preventive Services Task Force.

More than 3,000 readers responded. Some of the survey’s findings, from information provided by

•69% of respondents had been diagnosed with breast cancer, while 5% were either awaiting a test result or at high risk.

•52% were diagnosed under age 50 (41% between the ages of 40-49).

•Among all respondents diagnosed with breast cancer, routine mammogram (49%) and Breast Self Exam (37%) were the most common tool for initial breast cancer detection. Clinical exam was reported third at only 4%.

•Among the subset of women 40-49 diagnosed with breast cancer, initial detection was reported as: routine mammography (45%), Breast Self Exam (42%), clinical exam (4%), ultrasound (2%).

•Mammography detected the breast cancer in 74% of all breast cancer respondents. Among women diagnosed 40-49, mammography detected breast cancer in 73%.

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