has launched a new column dealing with environmental influences on breast cancer. In her introduction, Dr. Marisa Weiss writes:

Everything is on the table: what we eat, drink, breathe, take, and use from the kitchen, pantry, cleaning shelf, and medicine chest; how we handle stress, sleep at night, make reproductive choices, treat ourselves, and interact with others. All of these factors affect how our outside environment affects the inside environment within our bodies.

Sound like a big job? In fact, it’s going to take a movement, called Think Pink, Live Green, which is based in science, grounded in medicine, and will be delivered in clear terms with easy-to-follow strategies. We’re certainly not starting from scratch. Think Pink, Live Green represents the results of a research project I’ve been working on for two years with Dr. Joan Ruderman of Harvard Medical School, identifying emerging environmental factors that can potentially contribute to the risk of breast cancer.

The first educational program of Think Pink, Live Green is this expert column on, with effective and practical information and tips on things like choosing the safest sunscreens and cosmetics, buying organic at the grocery store, and what cleaning and household products are safe to use. We know far from everything – but we know enough to have serious concerns about using various products and making different lifestyle choices.

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