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Breast Cancer Mantra: You Can't Change Reality, But You Can Change How You See It

Snow can be a royal pain in the driveway. Or it can be a beautiful wonder. We can grumble about having to slog through it to get to work. Or we can spend a few minutes in the snowy woods and listen to the quiet. Listen and wonder.

It’s all in how you look at it.
Dealing with breast cancer is another royal pain—in our boobs, our minds, our finances, our whole lives. But sometimes it means we stop in our tracks to look at what is around us that is good and loving and sweet and dear in a way we have never done before.
Yes, we are dealing with way too many healthcare professionals and some are good but others are not. The bad ones confuse, scare, and frustrate us. But the good ones can literally save our lives, and many of them are exceptionally thoughtful while they do it.
And people we know sometimes say really stupid, insensitive things. Like the “How are you?” that sounds like “Oh, you’re not dead yet?” Or, “Yeah, my sister had that kind of cancer and she died.” But others bring us smoothies and send us loving cards and make us healthy foods and sit with us during chemo.
And they tell us they love us.
And they show us they love us.
Just look at that.
Photo by Pat: Gray’s Lake, Des Moines, Iowa
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