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Breast Cancer Mantra: Calm Your Spirit

Calm Spirit.

That’s what Madlyn Ferraro calls this beautiful painting. It’s the kind of art that makes me stop and wonder about the story behind the image. Who is this woman, what is she reading, and is she as calm as she looks?

And can I be her?

Madlyn, the artist, found this calm spirit at a local restaurant, sketched her, and then created this acrylic painting. It and more of her whimsical and interpretive art are on her website. You can buy these beauties for yourself or for others going through a stressful journey. Looking at this painting calms me.

Madlyn is actually in her second career. This past year, she left her job at the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center where she was the network coordinator of the cancer clinical trial program.

She spent her first career helping researchers find new treatments for cancer. Then she retired to create art.

An enviable move, showing the art of the possibility. And the possibility of art.

Madlyn is one of the professionals who reviewed my book on triple-negative breast cancer for medical accuracy. She has been exceptionally helpful in making the book as precise and helpful as possible. In return, I am supporting her in her new career in the wonderful world of art.

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