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Melatonin May Slow TNBC Tumor Growth

I take 10 mg of melatonin every night and have done so since my diagnosis almost eight years ago.  I do it because of previous research on cancer in general.  It also helps me sleep.  This research encourages me to continue.    
Melatonin may help slow the growth of triple-negative negative breast cancer tumors, according to   research from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo. 
According to the study, melatonin may inhibit tumor growth and cell production and block the formation of new blood vessels.  The research, which was done in the lab on mice, was published online in the journal PLoS One
Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep and awake cycles and is available in inexpensive supplements.  
According to the American Cancer Society, low levels of melatonin have been linked to cancer.  Other research has tied it the seasonal occurrence of breast cancer.
To determine the effectiveness of melatonin on triple-negative breast cancer tumor growth,  mice implanted with TNBC tumors were randomly assigned to either the melatonin or control groups. The melatonin group received treatment each night for 21 days; concentrated melatonin was administered one hour before room lighting was switched off. Melatonin administered prior to sleep is believed to be more effective because tissues are most sensitive to the hormone at this time.
Those treated showed significantly smaller tumors after 21 days while the mean tumor volume increased significantly in the control group. And, there was less vascular growth in the tumors of the treated group. Results were also replicated in cell models.
Researchers warn that this is an early stage trial, and more basic research is needed on this topic before clinical trials with humans can be planned—Information from Henry Ford Health Systems
SOURCE: Bruna Victorasso Jardim-Perassi, Ali S. Arbab, Lívia Carvalho Ferreira, Thaiz Ferraz Borin, Nadimpalli R. S. Varma, A. S. M. Iskander, Adarsh Shankar, Meser M. Ali, Debora Aparecida Pires de Campos Zuccari. Effect of Melatonin on Tumor Growth and Angiogenesis in Xenograft Model of Breast Cancer. PLoS ONE, 2014; 9 (1): e85311 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085311
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