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I have spoken to local and national groups about reducing your risk of breast cancer and keeping your body and mind healthy after a cancer diagnosis. I take a holistic approach, emphasizing lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and the mind-body connection. My initial focus was on triple-negative breast cancer, and that research led me to understand how we can approach all life issues with sanity and hope. Here’s a look at some of the presentations I have already given, but I can customize one for your specific needs.

Beautiful woman resting. Oil painting.From BC (before cancer) to AD (after diagnosis)

Even the sanest person becomes a bit of a hypochondriac after a breast cancer diagnosis, worrying that every pain and bump means the nasty disease is back. Yet breast cancer is highly survivable and is getting more so every year. In this talk, I tie current research to my own experience and the experiences of hundreds of other survivors I’ve counseled. The goal: to help you become the person you were, but a bit healthier, better informed, and calmer.

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HiResYou CAN Survive Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Many women think TNBC is unbeatable. Media reports, researchers, and doctors call it “lethal” and “deadly” and some say it is untreatable. The fact is that TNBC is nothing to mess with, but most women survive it with proper treatment and go on to live long, meaningful lives. I am one of them. Here’s what research tells us about TNBC and how to beat it. The goal: to empower patients and their loved ones through information and hope.

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