More research on how different triple-negative breast cancer can be for African-American women. In research published in Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research (May 7, 2010):

• Within 23 months of diagnosis, 28 percent of African-Americans had some type of recurrence, as opposed to 19 percent of Caucasians.

• After three years, 64 percent of African-Americans had survived event-free (no other type of complications) and 76 percent had survived breast cancer-free, compared to 77 percent event-free and 92 percent cancer-free for Caucasians.

• African-American women 50 years old or older at diagnosis had significantly worse survival statistics than Caucasian women in the same age group.

The researchers, from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, and the Boca Raton Comprehensive Cancer Center Boca Raton, Florida, write:

Overall, there is a trend towards lower survival for AA women compared to Caucasians despite uniformity of tumor phenotype and treatment. The high early event rate, irrespective of race, underscores the need for effective therapies for women with TNBC.

SOURCE: Sachdev, Jasgit C., Ahmed, Saira, Mirza, Muhammad M., Farooq, Aamer, Kronish, Lori Jahanzeb, Mohammad, ‘Does Race Affect Outcomes in Triple Negative Breast Cancer?’ Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research , vol. 4, 23-33 (2010).

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