My first two books filled voids in their fields, providing information where it was lacking. Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer is the go-to book for women recently diagnosed with TNBC, their families, and their friends. It regularly hits best seller lists for breast cancer books and is available in hardcover and paperback. The Magazine from Cover to Cover is used in major universities throughout the world and is considered the premier textbook in magazine journalism. It has lived through three editions. My memoir, Burn Scars: A Memoir of the Land and it Loss, is a narrative non-fiction account of the forest fire at our mountain cabin in 2013, reporting on the after-effects of a natural disaster on the land, its animals, and its people. I didn’t realize until I was almost finished writing that it is a book about grief. Through scientific research embedded in the story, I demonstrate how the fire was linked to climate change, how it, in turn, caused more change, and the many ways this threatens the serene and blessed place I love.

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