Alcohol intake may be a bigger risk factor for hormone-positive breast cancer than for hormone negative, according to new research to be published in September by the National Cancer Institute. And it is more correlated with lobular breast cancers than with the more common ductal tumors.

The relationship is strong, researchers say, with as little as one drink a day doubling the risk of lobular, hormone-positive cancer, but not increasing the risk of ductal or hormone-negative significantly.

The study evaluated nearly 3000 postmenopausal women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1993 and 1998. It is part of the Women’s Health Initiative. More than 80,000 women were initially enrolled in the research; of these, 2944 were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer by September 2005.

Check out Medpage Today for a more complete analysis.

I am still keeping myself at 2-3 drinks a week because I don’t want to get any kind of cancer ever again.

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