The Chicago Tribune has run a profile of 42-year old Gina Nolan, a Spanish teacher and basketball coach, who spent this summer and fall in treatment for triple-negative breast cancer. It is a good piece on what sounds like an amazing woman. Of course, the writer defines TNBC as “aggressive,” which has become shorthand for this disease. While it can be aggressive, it is not always so, and it is absolutely survivable–most women do survive it. That qualifier, however, seldom makes it into stories.

Nolan told her students: “This is what happened to me over the summer. It can take away my hair. It can wear me down physically, but it won’t change my mind, it won’t change my heart and it won’t change who I am as a teacher.” Read more here.

One thought on “Geneva, Illinois, Coach Returns to Bench After TNBC Treatment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, inspiring, and uplifing article. I hope to someday be able to write a similar story about my mother. <3Thanks as always, Pat, for bringing us hope and information. Lisa

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