The Good Wishes Foundation offers a free scarf for women who have lost their hair because of cancer treatment. The wraps are pretty cool—they are already tied, so you can just pop them on your head. And you can order them in a variety of patterns and styles.

I heard about Good Wishes from Stacey Wilson of Lancaster, PA, who got involved because of her good friend Kate, who discovered that she had triple negative breast cancer during her seventh month of pregnancy with her third son. Stacey writes:

My outreach is completely volunteer and my mission is to make women experiencing hair loss aware of this program and provide “hugs for your heads” via a beautiful head wrap.

Check out the Good Wishes site to order your wrap, make a donation, or get involved yourself.

One thought on “Good Wishes Offers Silk Head Wrap to Chemo Patients

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I was going through chemo, I did take advantage of this offer and received a beautiful purple silk wrap. It felt nice on my sensitive scalp as opposed to my scratchy wig.

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