January 10, 2012; Philadelphia, PA | Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has announced the release of Understanding Palliative Care, the newest title in the organization’s library of “Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer.” It joins three other LBBC publications designed specifically to address the needs of women living with metastatic breast cancer.

The best way for women to face breast cancer is to obtain the resources necessary to make informed decisions that allow them to become advocates for their own health,” comments Jean Sachs, MSS, MLSP & CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, “and palliative care is often highly misunderstood. Some people believe it is equivalent to planning for the end. But, palliative care has been shown in studies to improve quality of life and in some cases lengthen (life). It is our intention to demystify some of the myths about palliative care with this guide.

Understanding Palliative Care was authored by Michael J. Formica, MS, MA, EdM, Editor and Project Coordinator at LBBC with the assistance of healthcare professionals and women living with advanced breast cancer.

“A challenge facing many women with advanced breast cancer is getting the most out of treatment while continuing to live life fully,” adds Formica. Understanding Palliative Care was written to help make sense of and better understand the role this type of care can play in developing a more complete approach to treatment. LBBC provides the most up to date information on medical advances, treatment and management of physical and psychological side effects, clinical trials and practical information on improving quality of life.

Understanding Palliative Care is divided into eight sections that explain palliative care and its benefits, as well as related options that can support and sustain treatment. In addition, Formica adds that the new guide has been designed to provide valuable information about choosing palliative care, how it can enhance quality of life, strategies for coping with the difficult feelings associated with managing metastatic disease and practical information on financing this type of care.

In addition to Understanding Palliative Care, LBBC also provides three additional guides specific to the metastatic breast cancer community. A guide for women newly diagnosed with advanced disease will be released later this year.

All of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s publications are available free to women affected by breast cancer in print or PDF format. Healthcare providers can order multiple copies of these or any of LBBC’s extensive selection of guides for a small shipping and handling fee.



For twenty years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been empowering women to live as long as possible with the best quality of life regardless of educational background, social support or financial means. LBBC provides national educational programs and services that include a website,; a toll-free Survivors’ Helpline, (888) 753-LBBC (5222); the “Understanding Breast Cancer” guide series; national conferences; free teleconferences; networking programs; quarterly newsletters; publications for African-American and Latina women; healthcare-provider trainings; transcripts, video and MP3 podcast recordings and the Paula A. Seidman Library & Resource Center.

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