Here’s one face of TNBC as I have seen it this week:

A reader wrote that his 36-year-old wife, who had been diagnosed in February with stage 3b TNBC, just got a glowing report from the doctor after a mastectomy and 8 rounds of ACT: Her chances of long-term survival are excellent.  They are meeting with the radiation oncologist soon.

So thanks to Walt for keeping me current and lifting my spirits.    When I first heard from him in late March, they were reeling from the diagnosis, and she was sleeping off the anti-nausea drugs. (I stopped taking them because they did little for nausea and made me feel worse.)

Walt says they modified their diet after her diagnosis.  Here’s what he says about their new approach: 

I started juicing for us nightly.  I usually throw in: Kale, carrots, celery, blue berries, ginger, cucumber, and apple…. Also, we’ve dropped milk from our diet, and switched to decaf coffee and decaf tea.  Otherwise, we were pretty healthy before so not much has changed—oh, less red meat (but that wasn’t a lot to start with).

That is similar to my approach, but I do have some milk—always low-fat organic. And I have my blueberries whole in the morning, not as party of my nightly juice.

I love hearing from readers and will start sharing bits of it with all of you who are on the same journey.

2 thoughts on “Sharing Good News One Case at a Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am just beginning to come back to this wonderful website. I was diagnosed January 2, 2013. I really like reading about the different ways people are integrating more fruits and vegetables into their diets. I love finding wonderful little recipes like this that I can copy!! Thank You!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just beginning the journey TODAY with my sister- feeling overwhelmed and scared. I'm in charge of researching dietary info. Thanks for your blog. I will add to my favorites.

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