A vaccine that has been given to millions of people worldwide without serious side effects may end up being a non-toxic treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, according to research presented at the 2012 Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons.

In lab research on mice, a new smallpox vaccine,  GLV-1h164, was successful in killing more than 90 percent of the TNBC tumor cells within four days.

According to researchers, the virus infects and breaks down cancer cells and also inhibits tumor blood vessel growth. According to Sepideh Gholami, MD, lead study author and surgical resident at Stanford University Medical Center, Palo Alto, CA, in a news release:

“We performed ultrasound imaging of the tumors and we saw a significant reduction in blood flow supplied to treated tumors with our new virus. More specifically, when we looked at the stained vasculature of the tumors, the treated tumors showed at least one half of what control mice did.” 

These findings will allow the researchers to take the next step toward designing a clinical trial and evaluating the safety of this new virus in patients with TNBC, she concluded.

See the full release here.    Warning:  It contains exaggerated language that assumes all TNBC is deadly, which is not accurate.  Some forms can be aggressive, most are much less so.

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