A newly revitalized organization, After Breast Cancer Diagnosis (ABCD) matches recently diagnosed patients with a mentor who has had the same subset of breast cancer—and they have mentors with triple-negative.  ABCD is a free, phone-based service that can serve patients all over the world—there are no geographic limits.  The group’s focus is on one-on-one mentoring with their network of 450 trained mentors.  Mentors receive 12 hours of training with surgeons, a legal team, social workers, and other professionals who help orient them to the emotional, physical, and mental issues patients face.   Check them out.  
ABCD has recently expanded its helpline, with new services starting in November and continuing through 2013.  This is a great support for those of you who have recently been diagnosed and an opportunity to give back for those of you who are a year or two past treatment. 
Visiting with people like the ABCD staffers is becoming my favorite part of the  San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

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