Join CURE in a one-hour discussion on how to make lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of life and help lower recurrence risk.
When: Thursday, Jan. 24, 12 p.m. CT (10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET)
Where: CURE’s Facebook page
RSVP for the event and submit questions for
“Making Lifestyle Changes to Improve Well-Being, Reduce Recurrence”
Even small changes in diet and physical activity have been shown to reduce risk for some cancers, in addition to reducing fatigue, boosting immunity and improving overall well-being.
Our guests will include Stacy Kennedy, a certified specialist in oncology nutrition, and Russell Kennedy, a behavioral specialist. The Kennedys will offer tips and advice on how to modify behavior and lifestyle and how to maintain a healthy diet.
We’d love to hear your questions and have you share your story with us. You can submit questions on the Event page or email them to us at editor@curetoday.com. Please join us and other readers for this very informative chat with experts in the field, patients, survivors and caregivers.

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