I’ll be heading to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) again this year, specifically to keep my eye on triple-negative breast cancer research.  I will once more do a recap of TNBC research, and I hope I have lots of information and positive news, as I did in 2012.   I am looking forward to a few specific sessions and events:

• A general session on JAK 2 amplifications in TNBC.  I wrote about previous research last year.
• Incidence and survival rates for different subgroups of breast cancer.
• Updates on new chemo drugs, especially platinum agents that have shown mixed success with metastatic TNBC.
• Connecting with other groups, including After Breast Cancer Diagnosis; I wrote a brief about them in 2012.   And the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network.  Last year I wrote about Ginny Knackmuh, who was diagnosed with metastatic TNBC in 2009.  I hope to meet her again this year.
• Meeting new and old friends.  I will again visit with Carol, a blog reader from Texas and now TNBC buddy.  I wrote about her last year.  Sadly, the other friend I wrote about in that essay was Lori Redmer, former executive director of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, who died in August, leaving behind a beautiful family and an impressive legacy.  I met her in person only once, but we talked on the phone and emailed regularly.  I have not yet moved her emails from my inbox.  This year, I will finally meet the wonderful woman who mentored me through the final edits of my book and wrote my foreword, Carol Scott-Conner.  Oddly, she and I live in the same state but have never met.  Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer last year herself and has used her experience to help serve women even better.
Hobnobbing with the docs again.

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