Watermelons may be, duh, mostly water, but they are also high in dietary fiber, thiamin and folate.  Fiber and folate are both especially good cancer-fighters.   And when you juice it with the rind, you add the antioxidant citrulline plus vitamin C and B-6 to strengthen your immune system.

You’ll need a juicer if you include the rind—make sure you wash it thoroughly.  Organic is best.   If you don’t have a juicer, cut the rind off and use a blender, then try some other uses of the leftover rind.  Livestrong has several great suggestions.

One cup of watermelon juice has only 71 calories, but it has 15 grams of sugar, so don’t go over a cup a day.

Also, you can easily freeze this summer’s watermelons for use later in the year.  Just cube, put in a freezer bag, squeeze out the excess air, and freeze.  You’ll want to use them right out of the freezer, though, as they turn to mush pretty fast.

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