We went for a walk yesterday right before lunch, then stopped at the gas station.  Note to self: Don’t do that anymore.  The gas station has Diet Coke and potato chips. And I am hungry and more vulnerable to food temptations of lunchtime.   I have written about Diet Coke before—it is one of the food addictions I have worked hard to overcome.  I give myself a C+ on that.  I now have a Diet Coke 3-4 times a week instead of 8-10.  My success is up and down.  Sometimes I can go weeks without one.  And I always feel better.  So, long way of getting to the fact that I succumbed yesterday and had a fountain Diet Coke.  Here’s what I need to remember about that:  They never taste good enough for all the bad they do.  That needs to be my mantra.

Then there were the chips.  But at least I chose the healthier ones.  And here’s a cautionary note: standard potato chips have about 80 percent more calories and fats that baked ones.  The data:

Baked Lays: 160 calories in a 1.375 oz. bag;  4 percent of your daily value of fat, and no trans or saturated fats; and 8 percent of your DV of sodium.

Cape Cod Kettle Cooked: 270 calories in a 1.875 oz. bag; 21 percent of your daily value of fat, 5 percent DV of saturated fat, and no trans fats; and 14 percent of your DV of sodium.

So, if you’re going to fall off the wagon with a treat, your choice of treats can make a big difference.

I had the chips with a healthy vegetarian sandwich sandwich: low-fat whole wheat bread, avocado, red pepper, romaine, and hummus.  So there’s that.

3 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Treats

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pat,I've been away from the blog for awhile. Some days I just have to steer clear of anything TNBC-related. I'm glad to see all the diet talk. I've been slipping a bit myself and have gained a few pounds, though not what you would consider overweight. Thanks for posting your diet and all you do for us. I'm about 14-months out from diagnosis. Feeling stronger everyday but still get the blues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had a Diet Pepsi addition, drinking about two a day. Now I treat myself with one on Sunday and one on Thursday. There is no question that I feel better w/o drinking all of that stuff.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I find your struggle with Diet Coke interesting. I was a regular drinker myself, until I was diagnosed with TNBC. Suddenly I had no desire for the stuff. Still don't. While I used to have at least one a day, now I have (maybe) three a year. I never thought of myself as giving it up; I just stopped drinking it.Other stuff, no so much, but I am trying. Hang in there.

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