Today’s treat: cantaloupe juice.   High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, especially vitamins A and C and potassium.   We juice it rind and all, but cut out the seeds.  Some folks suggest juicing the seeds and adding pineapple juice for a nut drink and I might try that next time.

The anti-inflammatory issue is especially important, given recent research that shows that anti-inflammatory drugs could treat triple-negative breast cancer.

You’ll need a good juicer and nicely ripe fruit.  Clean the rind well—we soak it in vegetable wash and then scrub it with a brush.   I’d go organic here because I never feel I get all the dirt off the rind.

Drink a small glass a day—the serving I show here is about half a cup, which is about 1/8th of a cantaloupe.  All juices are high in sugar,  so don’t overdo.


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    First, hugs and thanks. Second, I can't imagine delivery would take more than a month. International sales so far have averaged 3 weeks, but I have not sent a copy yet to the UAE. Hope that helps. Wish I could deliver it myself.

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    Hi! I am currently working in UAE and would like to donate and receive signed copy of your book. But, I leave the UAE on the 7 July 2015. How long will this book take to arrive here to me?

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