I have written more than a thousand articles, large and small, in national, regional, and local publications of all sizes, and in print, online, and digital versions. Some of those that exist online are below.

• In “Making Sense of Science,” I explain how cancer transformed me into a health and medical writer. (I did not choose this giant, scowling photo.) Check the article out in the full issue of Drake Blue.

• I blog for Psychology Today, for Breastcancer.org, and I have my own cancer blog, Positives About Negative. A recent post for Psychology Today asked “Is Climate Change our Next Mental Health Crisis?” Perhaps my favorite is “Can We Break the Spiral of Silence on Climate Change?

• For the Peacock Journal, I wrote an essay about a nightstand my father made and what it meant to three generations of our family.

• “Raising a Miracle” profiles a divorced father co-parenting his son and is one of more than 100 articles I have written for Balanced Living.

Coping with Cancer included an excerpt from my breast cancer book as part of their survivors issue.

•When it became clear that women thought triple-negative breast cancer was an automatic death sentence, I wrote “You CAN Survive Triple-Negative,” which was published here by the Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

• For Cure Magazine, I have focused on newsy pieces, such as this one on advances in research on triple-negative breast cancer.

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