Patricia Prijatel

Writer, Reader, Watcher

I have written more than a thousand articles, large and small, in national, regional, and local publications of all sizes, and in print, online, and digital versions. Some of those that exist online are below.

• In “Making Sense of Science,” I explain how cancer transformed me into a health and medical writer. (I did not choose this giant, scowling photo.) Check the article out in the full issue of Drake Blue.

• I blog for Psychology Today, for, and I have my own cancer blog, Positives About Negative.

• I started my career writing for Better Homes and Gardens roughly a thousand years ago. This more recent piece is the “No Excuses Guide to Mammograms.”

Coping with Cancer included an excerpt from my breast cancer book as part of their survivors issue.

•When it became clear that women thought triple-negative breast cancer was an automatic death sentence, I wrote “You CAN Survive Triple-Negative,” which was published here by the Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

• “Raising a Miracle” profiles a divorced father co-parenting his son and is one of more than 100 articles I have written for Balanced Living.

• I’ve written scores of pieces for Diabetic Living. Here’s a slide show on foot care, an article about storing your medicines safely, and one about maintaining weight loss.

• For Cure Magazine, I have focused on newsy pieces, such as this one on advances in research on triple-negative breast cancer.

• In a previous life, before I began writing on health, I enjoyed writing about home decorating and architecture, like this short about a four-in-one-home office in Better Homes and Gardens. Or this one on an inviting backyard with pool and cedar trees, titled “Gentle Sounds of Retreat,” also in Better Homes and Gardens.



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