Green Drink
Pure Synergy: 45 calories, no fats
•1 cup fresh blueberries (frozen, then thawed): 70 calories, 0.2 grams saturated fat, no trans fats
• I peach: 51 calories, trace of saturated fat, no trans fats.
•1/2 cup Almond Breeze almond milk:  20 calories, no trans or saturated fats
• 1 cup orange juice: 112 calories, no trans or saturated fats
Total for smoothie: 253 calories, trace of saturated, no trans fats
Blueberry muffin with low fat milk: 162 calories, 6 percent daily value saturated fat, no trans fats.
• Coffee (black): 2 calories
California roll (sushi—9 pieces): 360 calories, no trans or saturated fats
air-popped popcorn: 93 calories
• Powdered cheddar cheese: 50 calories, 5 percent of saturated fats, no trans fats
• 2 carrots (52 calories), 1 stalk of kale (34 calories), 1/8 red cabbage (14 calories), 1/2 apple (58 calories): 158 calories
• Berry smoothie: 150 calories (estimate)
1 hour qigong: 200 calories
1273 calories
12 percent daily value of saturated fats
4+ servings of fruits, 1 serving of vegetables, plus juice and green drink
1273 calories consumed minus 200 burned = 1073
This was a two-smoothie day, which put me a little heavy on fruit—that’s not a good habit, as fruit is high in sugars.  They’re natural, but it is still not good to overdo.  The evening smoothie was a healthy treat after my qigong class and it was small.  I had the morning smoothie because I was going out to coffee at a friend’s and I wanted to make sure I got enough nutrients, knowing I would not have a healthy snack.  I did get a low-fat muffin, so it was a little lower in fat, but it still was not nutrient-rich.  It is difficult to eat healthy while eating out or at a friend’s house.   

As for exercise, I found several estimates for qigong that were higher than I used.  I love this exercise, but I think it was a bit modest in terms of calorie burning.
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