Joan Lunden is being treated for triple-negative breast cancer, according to People magazine.  It’s the same type of cancer Robin Roberts has battled.  And, of course, me and many of those who read this blog.

She has started chemotherapy and has agreed to go public with her treatments, which I hope takes some fear out of the disease for others facing it.   I send her virtual hugs, but more important, I send hope. Even though this disease can be aggressive, it is not necessarily so, and the great majority of women with non-metastatic TNBC beat it.  

Go, Joan. 


One thought on “To Joan Lunden: Most Women Beat TNBC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our prayers are that the unfortunate diagnosis for Joan, will bring more awareness to TNBC and more research, since there is NO targeted treatment. We are battling for my wife's life, just 2.5 years from our original diagnosis with TNBC.

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